Shipping container homes
Shipping container homes
Shipping container homes
Shipping container homes
Shipping container homes

Shipping container homes

MK Containers have been designing office and store conversions for 20+ years .. recently there has been a vast increase in Shipping container conversions into homes .. and we hae designed along with the customer and converted all types of structures !
We have the knowledge and team to convert to your exact needs, we can cut and link for you to complete or offer
a complete design and convert service, including delivery to site and all required site work

There is only one thing between you and your dream shipping container home, and that’s the know how! That’s why we are here.

The team @ MK Container Home Plans have been digging around and writing the very best information to help you get started. From, shipping container home plans, designs, examples of incredible cargo houses, costs and how-to guides you will find it all here so you can make your dream container home a reality. (info pack available soon)

  • Cutting
  • Welding
  • Window fitting
  • Personnel door fitting
  • Insulating and lining
  • special floors
  • Reinforcing roof
  • Elecs / WC  Kitchen
  • Re spray, most RAL & BS Colours available
for further details or to discuss a rough quotation please contact us 

Or if you have a design idea .. please email over a rough drawing and we will look at the options ..
Based on standard 8ft / 10ft / 20ft or 40ft Shipping containers
Also High Cube (being 12" high)   we can also cut down to any size !

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