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Flat Pack Office Cabin
Developed for a demanding market where a low cost, high quality flatpack building is required, the unique Expandakabin enters the market with more benefits and a lower price tag, than any portable building system to date.
(1) The ExpandaKabin arrives flat packed.
(2) Unpack all of the panels.
(3) Fix the four corner posts.
(4) Slide in the wall, door and window panels.
(5) Fit the ceiling retention bars.
(6) Slide in the ceiling panels.
Expandakabin is ready for use in approx 60 minutes! No cranes or special tools are required for assembly. Just a socket set and you're away!

• Construction Sites
• School / College Classrooms.
• Laundry Rooms.
• Workshops.
• Park Offices.
• Highway Offices.
• Military Check Points.
• Garden Offices.
• Club Houses.
• Scout + Guide Meeting rooms.
• Observation Posts.
• Sleeping Accommodation.
• Workers rest / break rooms.
• Security Kiosks.

Arriving as a flatpack self-assembly kit, the unit can be deployed by air, sea or road.

The minimum of shipping cube is achieved during the packing process, a massive 325m3 of accommodation can be delivered on one articulated lorry. This is the equivalent of 141m2 of floor area. Previously, only soft sided structures such as tents or inflatable buildings could offer this type of instant accommodation volume.

Expandakabin does not require a crane or special tools to assemble. Each panel can be lifted be hand, and the only tools required are a socket set. Once assembled, the Expandakabin can be enlarged, by bolting on further units. Simply remove the panels from one side of each unit, and bolt them together to form large areas of open plan space, side by side or back to back. Units can be moved with forklift, crane and lorry either assembled or flat packed.

This panel system also means that doors and windows can be relocated within the structure. All panels can be bought separately, so damaged ones can be replaced, or additional doors and windows can be added.

The structure is manufactured from powder coated galvanised steel to give the product high strength and a long life span.

Standard unit complete with 1 x Window and 1 x Door
• Additional Windows / Doors can be ordered.
• Colour: Green (RAL6005) exterior - off white (RAL9002) interior.
• Available from stock in two sizes / 3.3 metre long and 2.3 metre long.
• Both units 2345mm high (external).
Full Technical Specification Sheet.

There is a complete ELECTRIC PACK available. The Pack includes:
• Heater.
• Light & Switch.
• An Electric Socket.
• A Fuse Box.
• Plastic Trunking.
• Mounting Panel.

For Total Flexibility:
• Extra doors and windows can be added.
• Security window grillesv • Linking kits available to link additional cabins to create more space.
Expandakabin Plans:
NOTE: 2.3 Metre unit new in stock
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Flat pack office cabin
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