Chemical storage container, Expandachem (flat pack)

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Note: Flat pack Chem stores DO NOT HAVE A FIRE RATING - If fire rating is required please ask about our SOLID WELDED 
Fire Rated Chemical stores
THE NEW EXPANDACHEM from the Expandastore range:
Expandachem Models & Features Feature EC2 EC3 EC4.
Finish: Galvanised with Powder Coated Doors.
Length: ALL 2160mm.
Width: 2 metre 2305 3 metre 3080 4 metre 4080.
Height, flat packed (mm) 300 approximately, being reviewed.
Height, assembled: 2247mm.
Weight (kg) 2 metre 520kg / 3 metre 633kg/ 4 metre 781kg.
Door width: ALL 1900mm.

• Man Portable: No lifting gear or cranes required.
• Demountable: Dismantles into flatpack form quickly.
• Expandable: Additional units can be added either side by side or back to back.
• Complete: Everything required for assembly is in the kit. No additional fixings needed.
• Secure: Double locking system is standard.
• Simple: No specialist tools are required for assembly, just a socket set.
• Quick: Ready for use in 20 minutes.

Product Information
Expandachem, the latest addition to the exciting Expanda product range, designed specially for the safe storage of hazardous materials. Featuring double doors for easy access, a sumped base for contained spillage and a suspended grated floor.

Great for siting in locations with limited access.

It is light enough to be man handled and the components are small enough to fit through small passageways. No need for cranes, forklifts or specialist tools. Just a socket set - and you're away!

Once erected, it can be lifted from its lifting eyes with a cargo on board!

Expandachem can be linked to another Expandachem unit to form large open plan areas of storage space as required (side by side and end to end).

• Fully galvanised body, with powder coated double-doors,
• Less storage space when not in use,
• Simple assembly,
• Fully expandable (modular) capability,
• Optional ‘Snap-in’ shelf uprights & arms,
• Optional external powder coated painting,
• Low cost,
• Comes with a double locking system for additional security at no extra cost,
• Sumped base with suspended floor, for containing any spillages.

Construction Components
The main construction elements of the hazardous store are as follows:
• Chassis, including sumped base.
• Floor grate.
• Side wall panels.
• Roof panel.
• Double-door panels featuring the newly improved double locking system.
• Fastening elements.
• Numerous optional extras, including Forklift and adjustable leveling feet.

Sumped chassis base, with suspended floor grate.

Side Walls & Roof Panel
0,73 mm box profile galvanized steel panels. The panels are strengthened with spot welded galvanized steel frame sections at the edges of each panel. The roof section has two integral gutters for effective rainwater dispersal to all four corners of the container.

Door Panels
0,73 mm box profile galvanized steel panel, with powder coated finish. The 2 door panels panel are produced by a spot welding process. The doors are mounted into the frame with galvanized hinges. Complete with two 64mm Euro deadlocks with replaceable cylinders and a central roller catch. Double-Door width: 1900mm, hinged on the right and left, outward opening.

Fastening Elements
Four 12 mm diameter rods are used to connect the roof to the chassis. These also form lifting eyes for use with a crane. Additional roof security bolts are supplied to prevent external access.

All components of the Expandachem are specially packed to ensure that they are not damaged during transportation, loading and unloading under normal circumstances. The smallest transportation cube is achieved in this packing process.

Powder Coating
The doors are powder coated in RAL3000.

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Chemical storage container, Expandachem (flat pack)
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