Anti Vandal containers 'Armadillo Range'

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MK-Armadillo Range

The Ultimate in on-site security

Welcome to the MK 'Armadillo' Anti vandal range.

Most MK Special store units are made to order / currently 2 - 3 weeks from order

A complete range of secure steel store and accommodation units.

The ultimate in office and store security

Our range of ANTI VANDAL UNITS / STORES AND PORTABLE OFFICE UNITS are ideal when you need the highest possible security...

Made to order / most sizes

Supplied and fitted options:
• Personnel doors
• Windows / Shutters
• Anti Vandal locks
• Roller shutter doors
• Lining
• Ext. finish flat or corratated
• Vents
• Special floors, including bunded units

Colour options, most RAL colours

Delivery Service
Standard spec for our standard 20ft Anti vanal store (no windows) this is a standard store unit.

Manufactured from 16-gauge steel to BS1449.
Part 1 1983 HR4 drawing quality.
Folded to form side panels welded to base and roof.

Manufactured from 3 corry profiled 16-gauge.
Mild steel to BS 1449 part 11983 HR4 drawing quality, welded in place.

Manufactured from 100mm x 50mm PFC rails with 50mm x 50mm x 3mm RHS bearers.
Floor is from 18mm far eastern plywood floor.

Kimcroft ltd doors external opening. A10 point locking mechanism comprising of 4 locking points in the middle, 2 no at the top and 2 no at the bottom of the upright frame and further 2 bolts in the top of the framework come as standard. A staircase bracket is also welded one doors.

All units are fitted with 4 no top lift hooks.

All units finished internally and externally using a hi -build zinc phosphate coating.
Available in all colours from he BA and RAL range.
Anti Vandal containers 'Armadillo Range'
(Inc VAT £2868)