A first class delivery service

The following storage and shipping containers will be delivered and offloaded with our HIAB crane lorry...

We ask that you check access as we may use a 40ft + lorry to deliver .. please consider the following when buying a large container.

• Low Bridges
• Weight restrictions
• Narrow lanes
• Entrance to your property
• Surface, we can not leave a hard standing surface
• Low Tree's or other that may cause problems
• Check Planning
• Check for suitable level / hard standing

Our Drivers will do thier very best to site your new container where required.


We recommend a solid base. concrete or simalar.

If you are siting on a soft area, grass etc, we strongly suggest preparing a base in the form of concrate, if this is not possible,, ensure the soft ground is firm / NOT MADE-UP LAND .. min. 4 concrete blocks should be bedded in on all 4 corners .. ask for the outside measurements of the container and ensure the blocks are correctly sited on each corner .. then, hopefully, our man can drop the container directly onto your blocks . this will save time and possible re call of a crane lorry or fork lift once we have gone!

Hope this is helpful / any further thoughts or questions? Just call us...